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Win Law Group (“WLG”) offers a wide range of specialized, multi-disciplinary professional services that meet the immediate as well as the long - term business needs of clients.

It provides tailored legal solutions to both individuals and corporate clients. Through its multi-disciplinary team of professionals / associates having a vast amount of experience gained from innumerable complex assignments, WLG  has all the expertise required to provide a wide gamut of services under one roof.
Areas of Practice
Our Advisory Areas include:

    • Advice at an early/entry stage so as reduce both the actual transaction tax costs and the long term .    
       sustainable tax rate following the transaction
    • Advise on tax efficient methods to invest in India
    • Planning tax structures for foreign entities in India
    • Tax planning and structuring in case of commercial transactions involving independent entities or group   
    • Assistance in handling the entire transfer pricing chain

Tax Compliance:

    • Preparation of tax returns
    • Representation services before the Revenue authorities including transfer pricing authorities
    •  Assistance in appeal proceedings and tax litigation support
    • Advising on withholding taxes
    • Review of tax status and evaluation of tax exposure
    • Representation before tribunal, settlement commission and courts including Supreme Court of India
    • Strategic legal advice
    • Review of tax status and evaluation of tax exposure

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