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Win Law Group (“WLG”) offers a wide range of specialized, multi-disciplinary professional services that meet the immediate as well as the long - term business needs of clients.

It provides tailored legal solutions to both individuals and corporate clients. Through its multi-disciplinary team of professionals / associates having a vast amount of experience gained from innumerable complex assignments, WLG  has all the expertise required to provide a wide gamut of services under one roof.
Areas of Practice
We provide a fully integrated service to meet all the Intellectual Property (“IP”) needs of our clients. In addition to advising and helping with planning of intellectual property assets, we represent our client for IP registration, enforcement and defence.
Innovations and inventions can be a Company’s most valuable assets and they need to be protected. Patents are capable of doing much more than just protect a single invention. We device patent strategies for our Clients in order to maximize the commercial benefit that the invention can provide.

We provide services relating to all aspects of patents, including:
     • Obtaining patent protection
     • Advising on potential patent infringement
     • Challenging third parties' patent rights on behalf of our clients and defending our clients’ rights against such
     • Preparing license agreements and assignments
     • Due diligence reports
     • Providing clearance opinions before the launch of new products.
Industrial designs can be protected with a range of intellectual property rights, including registered designs, unregistered design rights and copyright.

We provide services relating to all aspects of Designs and Copyright, including:

     • Advise on unregistered design rights and copyright, rights which are relevant to all manner of products
     • Advise on the potential infringement of registered or unregistered design rights and/or copyright
     • Provide assistance in the registration procedure all over the world
We also work with a network of international experts to obtain design protection worldwide
A trade mark is a very important tool for protecting identity as well as assiduously built reputation and the goodwill of the business.

We provide services relating to all aspects of Trademarks, including:

    • Undertake infringement clearance searching and provide advice on registration
    • Provide assistance in the registration procedure all over the world
    • Deal with contentious proceedings before the trade mark registries
    • Handle licensing, assignment and settlement negotiations
    • Offer advice on the exploitation and acquisition of trade marks
    • Conduct litigation before IPAB and Courts
    • Advise on both trade mark infringement and passing off and handle pre-litigation correspondence for
       potential claimants and defendant
    • Maintain a comprehensive trade mark portfolio, liaising with our renewals department to ensure that
       intellectual property rights are appropriately managed
Domain names are becoming more and more important to businesses as their need for an internet presence increases. They are usually aligned with trademarks and now form an important part of any intellectual property portfolio. The management of domain names is often integrated with a trade mark strategy in order to attain the full commercial benefit.

We provide services relating to all aspects of Domain Names, including:

     • Conducting domain name dispute complaints before WIPO Center and National Arbitration Forum
         (NAF) and NIXI
     • Acquiring domain names registered by third partied through non-contentious proceedings
     • Registering and monitoring domain names
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